Choose a Career in Finance

Choose a Career in Finance

For those school leavers who do not want to go to university, a career in finance is a very tempting option, especially for those with a good grade at mathematics A level.

Finance offers a good starting salary and it is relatively easy to progress quite quickly through the ranks. Of course, finance covers all types of jobs from banking and investment through to annuity , accounting and pensions, so it pays to do some research on which area you want to work in.

Many firms are happy to take on bright school leavers and train them on the job but it is also possible to work towards external qualifications which will help you to progress even further and which are often sponsored by the employer.

If you like working with people and dealing with the public then consider taking a front line role in finance such as a customer service assistant or bank clerk, but if your skills are more analytical then look for a back room job which is more figures based then people oriented.

Accounting can fill the best of both worlds as many in-house accountants work on their own whereas ones working for larger firms may be seconded to clients’ premises for external auditing. Finance certainly need not be boring and a career in the finance sector can be very rewarding indeed.